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The team at HR 360 are field specialists in Singapore and multi country payroll as well as leave administration. We adhere to statutory compliance of the various countries.
We provide accurate, secure and affordable outsourcing solutions for organizations of all types and sizes.  Your payroll can be handed to us immediately for processing as our consultants are conversant in using multiple payroll softwares.  
Advantage of Payroll and Leave Outsourcing:
  • Timely Payroll processing services including adjustments, overtime, and other variables
  • Submit NS claims, Childcare claims and Taxes
  • Your payroll database with us will have real-time information 24/7
  • Not necessary to invest in costly software’s and on training employees to use it
  • Save on expenses of recruiting a dedicated in-house payroll employee
  • Payroll tax is computed and submitted as per statutory requirement
With the help of our HR 360 professional payroll specialists who are experienced in handling basic to complex payroll, the hassles and pain associated with payroll is gone! 
Contact us now at for a detailed discussion.
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